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ECOPATENT International

Pulp disposable containers & macerators

Recycled Paper Set

ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper Set

MRSA and Norovirus protection sets




Bedpan Set PM-4 ..bedpan Set-EC69439

ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper                                        Set ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper Set

bedpan set PM-4                                                                   bedpan set EC69439

toilet seat-pot Set-PM-2P.. urine bottle bulbous Set UB-3G

ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper Set                                 ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper Set

chair bowl set PM-2P                                                           urinal set UB-3G
urinal square Set EC71788patients basin SET-EC72449

ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper Set                                ECOPATENT® Recycled Paper Set

Patients basin SET-EC72449                                           urinal Set EC71788

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